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There are various mattresses that you can use for your bed. These mattresses come from a wide variety of materials and sizes that  you can choose from. However, you can’t take such things when you go camping outdoors. This is where sleeping bags come in handy. It’s like having a portable bed with a comfortable mattress, minus the heavy weight. Read on below to know more about the double sleeping bag featured in this page.

Just think of a double sleeping bag is one big blanket for a couple on their camping trip to help keep you warm and protect yourself from bugs. When you go out searching for your double sleeping bag you want to make sure that the sleeping bag is want to keep you warm to prevent you from getting cold at night.

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Went camping with your family you want to make sure that your sleeping bag is good to keep it nice and warm and has the proper insulation to do so. Now a double sleeping bag is meant for two adults, but if you have a small baby, I’m confident that you can put your baby beside you comfortably while you sleep. Since the double sleeping bag is meant for adults, you can probably fit up to four children inside one double sleeping bag. That is if they all want to sleep together on your camping trip: ). You might want to take into consideration when camping temperatures can really draw unexpectedly at night. So you really want to make sure that the double sleeping bag that you purchase will keep you warm and cozy on those cold camping nights.

Most single sleeping bags only have one zipper to get in and out of the sleeping bag on the other hand, when purchasing a double sleeping bag you want to make sure that you’ve got to zipper is one on each side of the sleeping bag, this way If your partner wants to get out of the double sleeping bag they do not have to disturb you in the middle of the night. Also take into consideration the actual quality and durability of the sleeping bag you purchase since it’s probably not just a onetime investment in you plan on using it for more than one camping trip.

Let’s talk about the two different types of double sleeping bags that are on the market today:

  • Goose Down
    Usually a goose down are better sleeping bags since they provide better insulation and are extremely light weight and compactable. Because the sleeping bags are usually made up of better materials that probably better for a long-term investment. So if you plan on going camping a lot you might want to go with the goose down over the synthetic sleeping bag.
  • Synthetic
    The synthetic double sleeping bags actually have some advantages over the goose down sleeping bags, and that is. They are known to perform better in a wet environment. So if you’re planning your trip to somewhere where with lots of wet weather you probably want to go with a sense that it over a goose down double sleeping bag. One more benefits regarding synthetic double sleeping bags is they tend to be cheaper. So if you’re on to some sort of budget you might want to go with a synthetic double sleeping bag.

The mummy shaped double sleeping bags, provides the best warm since they conform to the body’s contours. They truly have a smart design to help make sure to provide you with a constant temperature in the sleeping bag. One of my favorite features in a number of sleeping bags are some of them have uniquely positioned sacks were, you can easily store things like your wallets while you sleep. This is my favorite since I sleep better when I have my valuables beside me while camping.

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Things to know!

Frankly speaking, sleeping bags are an integral part of any outdoor activity. Whether you venture out for car camping, backpacking or other such adrenaline-rushing adventures, you will certainly require a sleeping bag to help relieve your exhaustion and refresh your mind and body. As a matter of speaking, sleeping bags can be considered your mobile beds. And, since there is a vast array of sleeping bags, you should dig through some sleeping bag reviews to find out what makes a good sleeping bag and which will be ideal for you.

Generally, the sleeping bags are of two basic shapes i.e. rectangular or mummy shaped. Rectangular sleeping bags are roomier and if you are the type of person that needs to toss around while sleeping then this is the right one for you. On the other hand, the mummy sleeping bags are warmer thanks to their body-hugging shape. Also, they are lighter than the rectangular ones and will be a better choice for backpacking.

Similarly, there are sleeping bags of every type in the market, namely the kid’s sleeping bag, women sleeping bag, 2 person sleeping bag and so on. Anyway, most of the sleeping bag reviews recommends the 2 person sleeping bag.

Further speaking, the sleeping bag comes in two different insulation types i.e. Goose Down or Synthetic. So, the question is- Which is better among these two? Now, since both have their own advantages, it becomes a little bit difficult to choose on over the other. So, to lessen this difficulty, here is a brief take on the pros and cons of down and synthetic.

Down Insulation:


  • If cared for properly, their insulating power holds on for decade, which means that the down sleeping bags have a long-term durability.
  • They are extremely compressible, which is a good thing for backpackers and other campers alike.
  • In spite of being light-weight, they are extremely warm.


  • The down sleeping bags perform quite badly when they are wet or damp. So, they need to be kept dry.
  • It also takes a longer time for them to be dry.
  • One must take extra care while cleaning or storing the down sleeping bags.
  • They are very expensive as compare to the synthetic sleeping bags.
  • They have been found to lack breathability.

Synthetic Insulation:


  • They are cheaper than the down sleeping bags.
  • Unlike the down sleeping bags, the synthetic ones can perform better even when exposed to wetness.
  • The synthetic sleeping bags are generally roomy and the circulation of heat is also plentiful.
  • No need to be extra careful while cleaning or storing.
  • Dries faster.


  • They are not as warm as the down sleeping bags considering their weight to warmth ratio.
  • Also, the synthetic sleeping bags quickly lose the heat.
  • They are bulkier and much heavier than the down sleeping bags. Backpackers tend to have an ultralight sleeping bag to ease their journey.

Now, beside the insulation, one of the most essential things that you should look for in your sleeping bag is the temperature rating. While camping in the wilderness, the night temperature may dropped to 0 degree Celsius or even lower and, if your sleeping bag has not the appropriate temperature ratings then, don’t blame me, but you’ll certainly catch the cold.

To make you understand what the temperature ratings are, take this example- If a sleeping bag is 20 degree F temperature rated, then it means that it will keep you warm in the temperatures down to 20oFahrenheit, if the temperature is below this, then you’ll experience a shivering night. Similarly, if it is 15 degree product, then it will keep you warm in the temperatures down to 15 degree.

Required temperature ratings according to season:

  • During summer, your sleeping bag should have the temperature ratings of about 40 degrees F or comparatively higher.
  • During winter, your sleeping bag must have the temperature ratings of 0 degree F or even lower.

As a side note, the 3 season sleeping bags generally have the temperature rating of around 20o Fahrenheit. Nevertheless, these temperature ratings are not 100% accurate if we take into account the sleeper’s body heat, environmental condition of that place and so on.

Additionally, if you want to make your sleeping bag more personalized, then you could add some accessories like sleeping pad, feather-filled pillows, flannel liner and other quality features that are on sale. Keep in mind that your sleeping bag can not only come into handy during outdoor camping but you can also use it for indoor purpose like when you receive guests and friends.

The leading brands in sleeping bag are the Big Agnes, Mountain Hardware, North Face, Casper, Coleman, Grizzly and some others. Each brand claim their products to be the best and your cool head will probably get hot if you try to decipher which is actually the best sleeping bag. So, it would be wise for you to read the specific sleeping bag reviews before you rush on to purchase one particular sleeping bag. And the best place for both buying and reviewing is the where you can get yourself acquainted with the experience of other customers who have bought that specific sleeping bag for which you have an eye for.

A Review on 2 Best Double Sleeping Bags!

It’s no wonder that the people having the taste for adventure fall for the sleeping bags since a tent is not enough to ward off the cold, especially in the winter. After all, they also need a good long sleep for refreshment. And, of course the double sleeping bags can be considered as a blessing for the couples who prefer to camp outdoors or go hiking once in a while.

Also, the double sleeping bag has another advantage i.e. it can be converted into 2 single sleeping bags just by unzipping it apart, if needed. You can probably zip together any 2 single sleeping bags to make it one double sleeping bag, provided the zippers of those 2 single bags fit together.

And, if you are camping out with your family i.e. with your kids or toddlers, then you must see that they don’t catch cold. As a side note, let me tell you that a double sleeping bag is wide enough to house four boys (i.e. if they agree to share). You might also buy a kid or junior sleeping bag.

Now, purchasing a double sleeping bag is not a difficult chore if you know what you are looking for in your sleeping bag. For reference, you can dig through our review on how to choose a double sleeping bag so as to guide you in making the best purchase.

Anyway, here’s a brief review of some of the reckoned-good-by-the-customers double sleeping bags and see if they are the right choice for your camping or any outdoor trips.

Coleman Hampton Double Sleeping Bag:

Thanks to the intriguing features attached to this soft rectangular double sleeping bag, the Hampton manufacturers guarantee you and your partner a good long sleep when you go camping outdoors. You can purchase this comfortable sleeping bag at the price of around £50.00 if you go to right shop.

Features & Specifications:

  • The 100% cotton shell along with the 100% cotton flannel lining ensures extreme softness and comfort. And, by comfort, I mean that you will feel cool in the warmer temperatures whereas warm during the colder temperatures.
  • There is also the celebrated Coletherm® insulation which provides a better temperature performance, offering you greater warmth and loft.
  • As an additional comfort, there is also the Comfort Cuff which surrounds your face in softness.
  • To ensure that the warmth is not lost from the sleeping bag, there is also the Thermo-collar and Thermolock zipper-baffle.
  • It also features the ZipPlow which helps to prevent the zipper snags.
  • This easy-to-pack bag also houses internal pockets to keep your valuable stuffs.
  • It weighs about 4.55 kg and has the size of 220x150cm.
  • The comfort temperature is +7°C, the Limit temperature is +3°C and the Extreme temperature is -12°C as calculated for a standard person.

REI Siesta +35oF double sleeping bag:

This roomy sleeping bag offers two happy campers a comfortable sleep, making them feel as if they are actually in their bed at home. The standard price of this bag is around $139.00 but if you go to or other such sites, you can buy it in a cheap price.

Features & Specifications:

  • This bag is extremely durable since it has the Ripstop nylon shell which is abrasion and tear resistant.
  • Due to the barrel shape, this soft sleeping bag offers great interior volume making it roomier.
  • It has a hollow-core insulation which goes on insulating even when the bag is wet and also dries rapidly.
  • Also, the shell fabric is toughened with the Durable Water Repellent.
  • Zippers are supported with an anti-snag binding tape.
  • This double sleeping bag can be converted into two sleeping bags.
  • It also houses a storage bag (cotton made).

Beside these, you can also check out other double sleeping bags like Cabela’s Adam & Eve Ultra Deluxe II Sleeping Bag or other Alps Mountaineering sleeping bags. The Grizzly bags are also worth noticing. The choice is yours. Nevertheless, before whatever double sleeping bag you choose be it either goose down or synthetic, you should at least go through some of its customer reviews to have some inkling about the experience.

As a concluding note, let me recommend you not to fall for those double sleeping bags that are only cute to look at (most of the girls naturally do look for cuteness). What you must look into your sleeping bag is whether it could keep out cold and offers you a nice and cozy sleep. Also, do consider your particular double sleeping bag’s season ratings and other features so as to make sure that it is worth your money and comfort. After all, you must have a comfortable sleep comfortably when you venture out for outdoor camping.

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