Best mold test kits

It is most common to find mold growing in a basement area, or the bathroom. Usually any place that is wet or damp is going to grow mold. Because mold is so common, we can purchase the mold test kits. It is important to have protection on your hands as well as over your face. This will assure you that you will not inhale the black mold and get sick.

Home mold test kits list:

Healthful Home 5-Minute Mold Test. Aspergillus/Penicillium and Stachybotrys. Includes Expert Consultation.DIY Mold Test, Mold Testing Kit (3 tests). Lab Analysis and Expert Consultation includedMOLDetect® - One Sample Mold Test Kit W/ Complete Lab Analysis & Free Consultation

Mold Test KitMold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Mold Test KitFirst Alert MT1 Mold Detection Kit

Instant Home Mold TestMOLDetect® Three Sample Mold Test Kit W/ Complete Lab AnalysisQuick Mold and Allergen Indoor Testing Kit

My Mold Detective MMD105 Mold Test Kit, 5-Room Kit

If one were to discover that they had black mold growing in their home, they could scrape it up with a paint scraper and purchase the mold kits. It is very important to not touch the mold with your hands because you could get very sick. You could also cause the test to not come out properly. Make sure that you write your name, address, and phone number on the kit before you mail it to the laboratory.
One can easily afford to purchase a kit such as this. They can be purchased on the Internet for less than 30 dollars. Some people think that this is a lot of money. However, if you were to have a professional come into your home to do this for you, it could easily cost 100 dollars.

Many people are living with mold every day and they have no idea. The reason for this because they cannot see it and they cannot smell it. Most people end up finding out the hard way because they have gotten very sick. It is very simple to test for black mold on your own. Basically, all you are going to do is leave a dish lying in an area that you think may have black mold growing. After two days, you are going to come back and check on a dish and if it has something growing, you are going to want to get a sample and mail it to the laboratory. If you were to discover that you had black mold growing in your home, you would want to hire a professional to come in and remove it safely. Black mold is quite scary because it can make you very sick.


What is the mold actually?

Mold and mildew are terms for some types of fungi that also produce large quantities of microscopic spores which are easely spread by air currents.
If these spores find a convenient environment they germinate.


Where do molds grow?

Molds grows wherever there is moisture and mostly oxygen. Rotting logs and fallen leaves in moist, shady areas are perfect for molds. They can be found in gardens in compost piles and on grasses and weeds. Grains are also favorite places to find mold, so bakeries, breweries, barns, dairies, greenhouses are mostly at risk.

In the homes the mold grows mostly in basements, bathrooms, closets, refrigerator drip trays,  plants, humidifiers, air conditioners, mattresses, garbage pails, upholstered furniture, foam rubber pillows.
Insulation and the paper backing of drywall and wallpaper, backing of carpets are also favorable places for molds. Mold can situate behind walls and one sq foot of drywall can contain more than 300,000,000 spores.

Mold grows in moist areas, so flooding, water leaks, humidity above 70 percent and condensation are favorable for mold development. A flooded area that was not dried within one day is likely to develop molds. Walls should be opened and dried to prevent mold growth. Any area that is stained from water should be examined for molds. Peeling paint could be a good indication of moist walls.

Health and molds

During inhalation, fungal spores may cause allergic rhinitis. Because they are microscopic, mold spores may evade the protective mechanisms of the body to reach the lungs.

Depending on sensitivity, some people may have headaches, coughing, runny nose, skin rashes, even memory loss. The most sensitive persons may experience asthma a perpetual flu feeling. Babies, the elderly and those having weak immune system can be even fatally affected.

Some other health problems similar to allergic diseases could be attributed to fungis. Kinds of Aspergillus can cause different illnesses, including  allergies and infections. These type of fungi may habit the airways or a part of the lung and grow into the form of compact ball known as a “fungus ball.” People with damaged lungs or serious illnesses, Aspergillus may seriously invade the lungs or the even the whole body.

Exposure to these fungi also can develop asthma or a lung disease called allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. This condition, which occurs not so often, is characterized by wheezing, small fever, coughing up of brown-flecked mucus plugs. Blood tests, skin tests, , X-rays and examination of the sputum are the ways of establishing the diagnosis. Corticosteroid drugs are mostly used in treating this reaction while immunotherapy is not helpful in such cases.

Mold Inspection and remediation

Before contacting your insurance carrier, an environmental engineer, microbiologist or other specialist can inspect and collect samples for lab testing to determine the mold presence. Sometimes some other professionals may be included in the remediation process including plumbers for repairing leaks, engineers to determine the cause of mold and to make a remediation plan, as well as toxicologists and air quality consultant to find out the presence of toxic mold in the air and determine health risks, and finally a contractor to determine costs of structural repairs.

In 1999, there were no mold-removal companies. Today it is estimated there are between 10,000 and 20,000 mold-removal companies in the United States according to the Indoor Air Quality Association.

The costs of mold removal can range from a couple hundred dollars for simple removal, to tens of thousands of dollars for more serious problems that could take more time to fix.
When choosing the right mold removal company, you should check more than one of them in order to make the right decision. Ask a company about their removal experience and check references. Also, you should try to avoid conflicts of interest by not hiring the same company to do both the inspection and remediation.


Most mold test will have a good amount of clear plastic sample bags/microscopic slides for you to get samples from all over your home. The slides that come with a clear piece of adhesive tape can be placed at areas that you believe are affected by mold.

You will need to label each slide or sample bag that you sent to a lab from your mold test so that you know where areas they belong to. You will also need to answer a questionnaire to provide the background for where the samples where taken. All of the information will be sent to the lab.

When you get your reports, you can check the glossary as guide to interpret what it is all about. If you still do not understand it, you can call them up to get to explain to you in layman’s term. You can decide what you want to do next base on the report. If it is a serious case, you might want to hire a professional mold remover. If it is a minor case, you can just remove it yourself with simple bleach solutions.

Mold test kit can be great for diagnosing your home and determining what is your next step in getting rid of the mold. If you are really serious about your family’s health, it is best to consult a professional. They have the experience and qualification to help you. They also have special tools and testing that you cannot be bought from the stores. They can provide you with many treatment options to completely destroy the molds in your house.

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