Best Road Atlas 2018 Reviews

A road atlas is a map or a set of maps that primarily display roads and transport links rather than geographical information. These come in a variety of shapes, sizes and scales. Many motoring organizations produce such kind of road maps as there are a large number of people who need them as a travelling aid. This is more popular in countries like the UK, Republic of Ireland, Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

These road atlases have maps with smaller scales as they are mainly used as a rough guide and people are already aware of their destination and these maps assist them in planning their route. These maps are usually published to help the people in using the state’s land and waters safely and enjoyable.

Our Road Atlas Comparison Table:


2018 Rand McNally Large Scale Road Atlas (Rand McNally Road Atlas)9.3/10CHECK PRICE

2018 Rand McNally EasyFinder® Midsize Road Atlas (Rand McNally EasyFinder Road Atlas)8.2/10CHECK PRICE

2018 Rand McNally Road Atlas9.2/10CHECK PRICE

Rand McNally 2017 Road Atlas: United States, Canada, Mexico8.8/10CHECK PRICE

Road Atlas 2017: Large Scale9.0/10CHECK PRICE

2018 Rand McNally Motor Carriers' Road Atlas9.0/10CHECK PRICE

2018 Rand McNally Motor Carriers' Road Atlas9.1/10CHECK PRICE

The Ultimate United States Road Atlas7.4/10CHECK PRICE

Basics For Reading A Road Atlas

Finding Cities and Counties

Step One
Go to the index in the back of the atlas.

Step Two
Look up the state the city or county is in.

Step Three
Get the letter-number coordinates for the city or county you are trying to find.

Step Four
Turn to the map of the state in which the city or county is located. You will see a list of letters running along the left side of the map and a list of numbers running along the bottom.

Step Five
Place your left index finger on the letter coordinate and your right index finger on the number coordinate.

Step Six
Move your fingers inward. You will find the city or county when they converge.


Using the Mileage Chart

Step One
If both cities are in the same state, go to the map of that state and look for the state mileage chart. If the cities are in different states, go to the master mileage chart for the United States.

Step Two
Find the city you are traveling from in the left column and the city you are traveling to along the top. Place your left index finger on the city in the left column and your right index finger on the city at the top.

Step Three
Move your fingers inward until they converge. The number you see is the distance between the two cities in miles.

Determining Mileage on the Map

Step One
Find the starting city on the map.

Step Two
Follow the highway leading away from the starting city toward the first town out. You will see a small black number near the highway displaying the mileage between the two towns.

Step Three
Go to the next city. Add the number for the mileage between these two cities to the first number.

Step Four
Repeat Step 3 until you reach your destination.

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