Cop Love Donuts

So, if this happened to you, do you really think a cop would do this?

I don’t know.  I’m not sure.  I know that crying works for cops but I’ve never actually tried donuts.

Speaking of which, I have to remember to talk about my theory of why cops are at donut shops…it’s a good one.

Back to bribing a cop with donuts.  How many donuts do you think it takes to get out of a traffic ticket.  According to this is it only about a Baker’s Dozen.

But I wonder what kind of donut it has to be!  Glazed? Jelly -Filled? Powdered? Sugared?

If I were a cop, I’d probably choose none of them.  Donuts make me super bloated…and who wants that ?

But..if there is a secret society of cops that challenge each other to donut eating duels, then you might just have a chance of getting away with murder if you have a box of donuts on stand by.

I wonder if Dunkin Donut Gift Cards would work!  How cool would that be?



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