Good Cops are Everywhere (and so are donuts)

Good Cop/ Bad Cop is probably one of my favorite movie skits in those big and small movies and plays that we’ve all seen from time to time.

I personally really enjoy the real live action cops, but you rarely see the good cop/bad cop scenario play out on the reality TV Show.

Actually, come to think of it you rarely see cops munching on donuts too….so why are cops associated with donuts?  (I’ll get to that soon…maybe next blog post!)

Living in a city as big as Dallas, we have soap operas actually named “Dallas” and we get to see a lot of the Cops TV episodes in Dallas (which is pretty cool).

Choosing to “see” the good cops and not focus on the bad will only upscale our lives and our influence in the world.  Why?  Because the bad cop gets too much attention and then when we fear that something bad is going on….we only feed that bad energy by confirming what we’ve been looking for.

I’m a firm believer that life is what you make it and if you decide to look for bad all the time…you’re going to find it.



It’s really that simple.  Think about it.  If you drop a diamond ring and you WANT to find it, you relentlessly search for it.  You may not find it upon first look but EVENTUALLY, you find that thing.   And even if you don’t, you’ll still be on the look out for it until one day you find a replacement for it…you find another diamond ring to replace the urge and the desire to take the place of the initial ring you were looking for.

The new ring isn’t the same and the negative emotion of losing the first ring still takes a hold of you.  You hear of someone else who lost a ring and immediately you feel the anger and emotion associated with your lack of ability to find a lost diamond ring too so you make a snid comment or say something like: “Old News. It happens to All of Us.  You’ll just have to deal with it”

Now..I know this analogy is getting a little out of control……OR IS IT?  If I say it is…then you now have it in your head that I have no clue what I’m talking about…but if I shift my focus as you read this (as I type) and I convince myself that my analogy is a PERFECT example of making life what you want it, then at the end of this very informative blog entry, you will believe that my diamond ring analogy is legit.

So…let’s get back to it shall we?

So you dropped a diamond ring.  What if, instead of trying to fulfill the lost empty space inside you the lost ring has caused, you use it as an opportunity to discover something new.

You can make a game out of it.  “Whoever finds the lost ring gets to keep it!” or “Lost ring! I’d love to see it again and tell you about how I lost it!”    Use the moment the ring escapes from you as an opportunity to open up your world to a new adventure.

When it comes to the point where that ring isn’t to be found, you can prance away happy that you were able to connect to others and share a unified effort to find something (that really doesn’t matter) together. YOU get to savor and soak up in the moment of humans helping one another and take in positive energy.

Then, if you do replace that lost ring, you will always remember it as a happy occassion and a wonderful experience that life got to throw at you with your open arms!

Instead of saying: “That’s life. Deal with it!”  You now say: “Oh!  I lost a ring once too!  I know it kind of stinks but wait until you see the amazing doors having a lost ring will open up for you! I always remember the day I lost my ring because it stood out as a great day that was different from all the rest!”

So…Good cops?  Heck yeah!  They are everywhere, all over the place balancing out the ones you shouldn’t think of.  Give the good cops attention.  Smile at them, offer them coffee (or a donut) and thank them for their service because there are too many nay sayers out there that just want to take from the cops all they can get.

Let’s change up the world.   Let’s give back!  Those cops work hard for us and even if they do give you a ticket, Thank them for keeping your roads safe because you never know when you’re going to need the outreached hand of a cop to help pick you up when you fall.