Welcome to my new site!

donutHello!  This is my new site.  Anti Ticket eh?

Yup!  Why not make a weird site that talks about things I love….Cops and Donuts.

Cops are kind of like donuts, yah know?

They are round in the middle and empty on the inside.  hahahahah!

Ok..ok…I’m really not that shallow…or am I?

I plan to talk about why cops are at donut shops, why are donuts associated with cops and why we need cops and security.

Actually, I might even review some security products here and there just because I love the things that cops do and spying on people being bad is on the top of my list.

I could never be a cop because I tend to freeze when danger comes (I never use to think that, I always thought I’d kick some ass, but apparently I’m a freezer….shamefully I admit it)

I’m going to have fun with this blog.  So let’s start it off right…WHY the antiticket donut?

It’s all about bribes.

So the antiticket donut was mad to actually offer to cops when you are in a confrontations with one.

Imagine getting off of a hard days work (like me…getting off from my roofing) and going home at a slightly faster speed than usual because it’s a Friday and then the next thing I know…..sirens and lights.

My goal is to get out of this situation without points or having to pay much of anything.

What if I had the anti ticket donut?   Does it work?

There’s only one way to find out.


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