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Hi there! My name is Dan and I love to watch the show cops, and my all time ritual is going to Dunkin Donuts, drinking their awesome coffee (which Walmart sells now!) and pretending to be an FBI agent.  Yeah…I know it’s silly but I love cops and I love donuts and since the two have been talked about before, I thought how cool if I started my own blog where I could talk about cops, my own Dunkin Donut stings and fun stuff like that? I know right? Super Dan! I hope you enjoy my new blog!

My plan is to post things that I see that are related to cops, talk about home security and offer advice on things like that.

If I had another life, I would have probably gone and been a cop because that’s really something I think I would be goot at.

I’m a rule follower, for the most part, and people know me as Mr. Smarty Pants because I always am looking up the laws and things about what you can and can not do.

Recently I got to know a lot about HOA’s and their bylaws and stuff like that.

Who knew that there was so much attached to buying a new home in a nice suburb neighborhood!

I have mixed feelings about HOA’s but I bet you cops like them because it gives them more laws to enforce…but not really.

Did you know that HOA laws are suppose to be enforced by the HOA and whoever they hire?

According to my local township, the local cops don’t have to enforce any HOA rules and just worry about the local township rules.

What’s the point of the HOA rules then?  Are homeowners really going to follow the rules then?  The answer is a …”They should” because they can get slapped with fines that if  they don’t pay, the HOA can put a lien on their homes similar to what a residential roofing contractor might do if you try to stiff him.


Rules in an HOA are kind of crazy.

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