About Me.

I’m a real guy living in a real town.

I just happen to love cops and donuts so I thought it would be fun to have this blog so I could get all my joy and happiness and TALKING about cops outta my system.

My roofing friends (yeah..that’s what I do I’m a roofer), make fun of me because generally I’m always talking about one or the other.

I don’t know why they get so sick of it though, it’s interesting stuff!

I generally know what’s going on around town and in the big city (Dallas) because I’m always watching cop shows and listening to my police scanner (coolest Christmas gift EVER!).

So..this blog will let me be free and talk about all that stuff without being judged because really…some people don’t understand grown man completely obsessed with cops and making donut and cop jokes and analogies all the time.

I want to be me but not freak out my family or annoy my friends, so I’m here in blog world.

I hope this goes as good as I think it will!

So..grab a donut and turn on a good cop mystery!  Get comfy because I’m going to be adding to all your cop and donut eating fun!